Smart CCTV Systems


Full HD1080P / 4K Technology

CCTV is classed as evidence in the court of law, this is the reason why we do not compromise on our quality of CCTV equipment. 

We only install true HD systems with 3 pro ranges by Hikvision:

1- 4mp Dark Fighter Pro - 1080P Resolution

2 - 8mp Dark Fighter Pro - 4K Resolution

3 - 4mp ColorVu Pro - 1080P Full Colour Day & Night

  • Fully fitted prices start from £699


Eyes Everywhere

Our CCTV systems are all app enabled. You can not only view a live video feed, you can also view video from 2 weeks ago using our smart playback feature directly to the palm of your hands on smart mobile device. 

If you think thats a great feautre, well what if we we told you that you can also capture images and record direct to your smart mobile device if you see anything suspicious at your property? 

With our systems you can do both! Thats why our systems give you eyes everywhere.


Cables, Cables, Cables

Worried about cables or wires all over the property? We use external grade cat5/6e cables in all our installations. With this type of cable it means we can run video and power on one cable. 

We have plenty of solutions to minimise the cables you see, infact most of our customers ask were we have put the cables in the house. 

We will always talk you through all cable oprions prior to any work comencing.

All our installs carry a 12 month warranty.