Smart Video Entry Systems


High-Defenition Video Intercom

Thanks to extensive technical experience with video surveillance products, Hikvisions video intercom door stations carry a high performance IP camera with video resolution of 2MP, a wide, 96°-angle lens, and supports wide dynamic range and night vision. High definition video is maintained even under harsh background lighting or at night. This door station comes in 1 - 8 buttons, so you can use it for a single home or a block of 8 flats.


Push Notifications & Remote Monitoring

Hikvisions IP intercom system supports app access and when the indoor station receives a call, the call data can be sent to the app. The user can answer a call on the app at any time, from anywhere. When a visitor is welcome, the user can press a button on the app to remotely open the door. The user can access the door station camera for voluntary monitoring. In the case of an unwelcome visitor, the user can remotely ask them to leave.


Video Intercom With All-Round Security


An all-round security solution includes three parts: video intercom, access control, CCTV. The Video Intercom Door Station acts as an additional IP camera within a connected Hikvision NVR where recordings will also be stored. 

An additional video surveillance IP camera can be added to an Intercom Indoor Station and viewed on an indoor panel. 

The Outdoor Intercom Station supports access control functionality, where multiple authentications can be applied. The HikConnect app pushes notifications to a smart phone app which manages the systems in one place.